Sunday, 30 August 2009

In The Beginning...

..."there was Fire, and Ice, and the Earth cracked and the multitudinous Prettys sprung forth and covered the lands...
and now, Prettys are everywhere. You see them in the Air, and in the Water, in a Curio Cabinet, or at a Garage Sale. They are Everywhere you look - if you have the Eyes to see them".

We are V & C. We began this operation when our love of all things pretty became too much for us to handle. Before, we selfishly hoarded all things pretty away, for only us to enjoy. NOW, we have let them loose upon the world! We find and make the things that WE love, and pass them on to you. This is who we are:
V is for voraciously vacuuming up a variety of vintage valuables with vigor and vigilance. He is male. Born in 1973 with Vikings in his heart.
C is for caringly crafting a cavalcade of culturally composed creations with continuous cuteness. She is a girl. Born in 1975 with Colours in her soul.

Let’s get this party started!

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